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Notes on the Blog

I've received many e-mails regarding the blog, thanks for the responses!

I've been asked a couple of times what direction I pan to take the blog since the first few entries. Honestly, I plan to keep it pretty fluid, with no set 'rules' on my entries. I do plan on presenting periodic overviews of technical subjects, boiled down to blog entry size. My goal with these is to take a reader at a 'grade school' level of knowledge and graduate them from a 'high school' level. There is of course no way these kinds of entries can cover the whole of a subject - each can fill books with the details. If the entries educate and provide information motivating further deep study via the web and publications, I've accomplished my goals.

I invite any and all suggestions for subject matter you'd like covered. I enjoy boiling down highly technical subjects to where anyone that wants to make the effort can understand them. I believe anyone can understand pretty much anything they put their minds to: I've taught Einstein's Theory of Relativity to high schoolers, needing only to lop off the mathematics (tensor analysis, etc.) they would have no preparation for. I've taught LISP to groups completely unfamiliar with the language, getting them to where they could do useful things in a few days of instruction.

If they can do it,  anyone can!

For those that have asked who I am and what I do, Google is your friend!

I am a retired high-tech engineer, several successful startups in the high-performance distributed application and database fields, with a background in computer science, mathematics, and physics. I despise bullshit and bullshitters. I'm a hard-core PC gamer, being a member of a world-ranked gaming team. I hold a Guinness World Record for gaming. I once single-handedly defended my home village against an attack by a roving ant colony using only a spatula and a can of shaving cream. I collect cars and complicated wristwatches. I love my daughter. I think that covers it!

I appreciate and ideas and suggestiveness for the blog, and please, if you find an error, let me know! I'm the last person that wants to post misinformation!