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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Splinter Cell Conviction µ-review. A µ post.

My game biases: FPS shooters are my preferred game.I despise most FPH (Flashing Pink Hooves, e.g. WOW, Guild Wars, etc.)

Played on: Mid and high-end PC.

Other nano-review info: Based on single player campaign only, I'll update with MP/Co-op.

  • Improved graphics for characters.
  • Interesting game play.
  • Improved enemy NPC AI.
  • Grim is built like a chain smoking bowling alley regular that would polish your balls with her tongue. Bowling balls. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  • Ties up most of the story from the prior games.
  • Well laid out movement system, cover-based.
  • Animations adapt to player positions in environment.
  • I kind of miss the old movement system where I decided exactly what cover was.
  • Graphics for everything other than characters is starting to look primitive. Modified Unreal engine just not up to snuff anymore.
  • No ability to 'switch shoulders' for aiming.
  • Less Splinter Cell stealth and more Rainbow Six shoot at the hoards.
  • Seems the game cannot even be played completely 'stealth'.
  • Far too much mouse 'inertia'. Weapon aiming, particularly if zoomed seems like you're connected to the sight via slinkies. Inertia adds realism, but this much is silly.
  • Can only use one stickycam at a time.
  • Far too short SP campaign. If you take eight hours, Sam's in a wheelchair in your game.
Grade: B

Buy it if you're a fan of the series, or MP and co-op is your thing (I'll flesh out the nano-review with these later - I tend to prefer SP what with the droves of cheats in most MP shooter games). If the SP campaign is your primary interest, there are much better bang for the buck (i.e., longer campaign) games out there, like Modern Warfare 2.

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  1. i love this series. but they killed me with the fact that there's unlimited ammo and most of the times you got to use mark and execute.. Why!!!!!