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Thursday, September 22, 2011

TWI Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad, pulling the low polygon count wool over your eyes.

Telling post on the Steam forums here, looks like the solution by the geniuses at TWI for their poor implementation resulting in crappy performance is to cut the game details in a patch. While of course, not bothering to tell paying customers up-front that the game will now look even crappier than what they were shown, promised, and paid for.

How would you feel if you bought a nice sports car, had some issue, and found out after servicing the dealer had swapped in an engine with half the horsepower. Without telling you. And telling you instead now the performance will be better?

One of the better retorts to the increasingly arrogant and egomaniacal  attitude of TWI, and its CEO John Gibson in particular, can be seen here:

This is getting more and more ludicrous...

Edit: I came across this reply to a thread at the TWI forum. The thread is an ass-kissing congratulatory tome toward TWI, with the poster offering to take donations and then buy the developers drinks. This thread merited being made a "sticky" by TWI. Yet threads with valid concerns, complaints, and questions get deleted, locked, edited or moved.  This response to the drink thread is priceless:



  1. Hopefully enthusiasts can turn the detail back on, but I'm not holding my breath.

  2. The game seems to fade into oblivion... last rites pretty soon

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  4. I just want you to know, I still find you hilarious as shit, even after all these years. Seriously man, Love it. Don't change a thing.
    Your Old Friend
    The Demon Slick