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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A manufacturer doing the right thing.

All too rare these days. In the thread What causes this (amp related)? in the Head-Fi forums, a poster brings up a potentially serious issue with an esoteric (though very fairly priced) headphone amplifier.

NWAVGUY responds with an engineering opinion. Watch the foamer fans of the brand go nuts. Then watch, after all their personal attacks and ad hominems toward him, as not only are the cold hard facts shown to be true but are confirmed by outside sources. Even then, the believers rant on. Reminds me of the recent reaction to some entries here: attack the blog (and me), not the facts.

To their great credit, the manufacturer (despite one of their representatives on the forum being a particularly obnoxious example of typical foamer behavior) does the right thing. Everyone is offered a way to be made whole. Refreshing.

Makes me want to buy their products just to show support for this rare behavior. So I did.


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