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Monday, July 18, 2011

You're viewing a member of the "Ill Informed Attack Blogs" !

I just picked up an e-mail from an eagle-eyed reader. It appears, by proclamation of Yoshiro, a.k.a. Jared Creasy, that my blog is officially an Ill Informed Attack Blog! You can see details in the Steam or TWI forums, assuming of course the posts have not already been deleted in the recent rash of censorship.

Here's one of the award announcements (click to enlarge):

Cool! I didn't even know that he, a senior member of TWI and also moderator of TWI forums and Steam TWI related forums even had such awards to give out! I also appreciate that Jared locked the thread immediately after announcing the award: I probably couldn't stand the accolades that were sure to follow. The idea of an open discussion is just plain stultifying.

I am honored, though I'm hoping this doesn't mean a free copy of Heroes of Stalingrad is going to show up on my Steam account.

I truly appreciate that Jared, whom previously I've never attacked personally, had the time to think out such a unique award, since I know he was much too busy to respond to my inquiries as to giving actual feedback, as opposed to being a just a warm body to show the press, when I was invited to the beta for Heroes of Stalingrad.

Thanks again, Jared, for thinking of me and my lil' ol' blog!

P.S.: If you want to debate the facts of my entries, I'd be delighted to post your response(s). Better yet, how about just responding in your own forum - I'm not the only one looking for real information on the game to back up the claims so close to release.

P.P.S.: Not only have I not attacked you Jared, I admire you for what you were able to do in those Subway® campaign TV ads! Edit: I've been advised you're NOT that Jared. He was obese and got skinny. You just have a big head. My bad. 

P.P.P.S.: To help you out in your time of need, I think you meant "Ill-informed", not "Ill Informed". See the difference? The former means clueless, the latter means knowledgeable and not feeling well. Happy to clarify that for you!



  1. Funniest put down I've read in years. And I don't even know who the victim is.

  2. Sometimes I feel like giving RO2 a miss simply because of how terrible TWI's fan community is. If I wasn't such a sucker for WW2 (and a fan of ROOST to boot), I'd just ignore it.

    Their forums have that sickening carebear atmosphere. Everyone tries to fellate the devs every chance they get, posting messages full of smileys and garden variety praise in order to get a beta key (or something? I don't know, maybe they're just sycophantic). At the same time, even the tiniest, most vaguely antagonistic post warrants a bombardment of negative rep.

    To be fair, their forums are not the worst. Certainly better than the Steam ones. Nothing against Valve (very much the opposite), but their fans are fucking terrible people. You can tell they're fat and love internet memes just by the way they type.

    +10, looks like you hit a true nerve. Never looks good when a dev chops critics in a lame try to stop discussion. Keep it up. You are winning with facts i see noone has countered them with facts, just insults.

  4. "He was obese and got skinny. You just have a big head."

    Hahahahaha, i choked on my drink.