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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

F* me, now that's a game trailer...

Makes the latest RO2: Heroes of Stalingrad trailer look like, well, something an addled grandpa made...check it out.



  1. Again, Jets fly at the speed of a grandmother in a wheelchair. :(

  2. The helicopters are flying between the trees <________>

    I also think that the map is really small for 64 players, but maybe it's just beacause it's a trailer. But anyway, I'm still excited for this game. :3

  3. @ Lemon - true, but really, other than full-on sims, kind of expected. If the aircraft acted 'real', no one could fly them (well, nearly no one - how many jet pilots do you know?)Even ARMA fakes it a bit.

    Hope to see you soon....


  4. Tripwire releases 2 minute multiplayer gameplay trailer:

    ROHOS jumps to number 3 on the Steam top sellers list, ahead of MW3 and Portal 2. In other words: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  5. @ Jack:
    And, in other news, TWI finally comes clean, announces delayed beta, plays the blame game better than Obama, and calls HD footage of dated graphics "epic". As one experienced beta tester forwarded, "TWI bit off more than they can chew, it's a bug infested mess"...

    Sales prove P.T. Barnum's adage: SUCKERS!


  6. @heycarnut
    That's a surprising response to what I thought was a light-hearted comment.

    When you're calling fans of the game "foamers", please take a look in the mirror. Who is spiteful here? Contempt for the masses is coming out of your ears. Now, before I'm called a "foamer" or a sucker, I don't have a TWI forum account. I think I made 1 post on Ostfront steam forum and have played about 30 hours of it in total. Haven't bought ROHOS yet but I plan to.

    Presented with facts that contradict your claims or invalidate your criticism you respond with exaggeration (never heard TWI claiming ROHOS is the second coming of Christ and I'm pretty sure I've watched all the interviews and previews online). If you have some insider info then fine but there's no way for me to verify it and so I'm left with either taking your word for it or disregarding it. Because how can I respond? My post is only based on facts and knowledge accessible to everyone online. Yours is as good as UFO encounter testimonial.

  7. @ Jack:
    Or should I say Sam?...perhaps your show is a better place to voice your opinion then.


  8. @ Jack:

    Your repeated follow-up comments will not be posted at this time. This is not an RO fanboi blog. You have plenty of places to worship elsewhere. Please do so.


  9. I assume the Sam with a “show” would be Sam Reese of Crosshairs?

    At this point I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and review a couple of facts. Didn't Crosshairs (THE unwavering and reliable voice of pc gamers) do a show live from the TWI game development studio? Dinner bought and paid for by the developer?

    As a former Crosshairs listener I can remember many times when TWI was spoken about as the one remaining developer that "had our backs" and was always "honest" and “wouldn't lie to the gamers.” TWI is starting to look like anything BUT honest. Based on the information provided by Rob in his blog posts, I can't help but agree with his point on things. TWI has started to "play the game" a little too much it seems, manipulating certain small time podcasters into forming favorable opinions of the game. While saying one thing on air, it is sounding more and more like a different tune is being sung off air. I think people that are in the position to influence potential purchases have the responsibility to report the facts about the games and not what the developers want to hear being said about their game. If the personalities over at Crosshairs want to be seen as credible and their opinions valued, they need to stop worrying about skewing information to benefit the charitable donor of the season and get back to the facts.

    On paper HoS is everything I as a gamer am looking for, except for two things, bugs and unethical marketing. From what I have heard, this game is ridden with bugs (factual information from numerous sources). When the game is released, I will more than likely hold off on the purchase until I hear some feedback on the game from a credible source, or most likely from any source, other than Jack’s show.

    One final thought:
    "If your Uncle Jack helps you off an elephant, would you help your Uncle Jack off an elephant?"

  10. @Jill :
    Well, based on the overwhelming count negative posts in the steam forums today, first day of beta, the game is the turd I'd warned it might be. I played a couple of hours on the only copy the locals decided not to cancel (I should say *tried* to play - crashes all over the place...). It is perhaps not a total turd, but it is less of a game than even I expected.

    But that matters not - a mediocre game, when firing on all cylinders, can be quite enjoyable. I for one an a big fan of "Sniper Elite". DX8 graphics (though R02 does not 'look' that much better), somewhat clunky movement, etc. it is still a very satisfying game to those that enjoy its game-play style. Such will be the case with RO2: it will fizzle into the same small community of foaming fans playing. That's fine.

    My issue is the BS of TWI. They *know* its a turd. They *know* it is (and has been) buggy as hell. They *know* it deserves six more months (at least) of work. They *know* the graphics, by any sane criteria, are not in any way the "bleeding edge" they claimed.

    But they just smile while serving you a shit sandwich, while telling you its steak. *That's* what I have, and have had, issue with. The game, I really could care less. WWII shooters are so played out, I have no real interest.

    As far as "Jack"/"Sam". I suspect the latter, based on IP.

    I give Sam a pass. He has some mental issues he's working on and medicated for. That might explain his saying one thing about RO2 privately, while committing developer analingus publicly. He has sadly gone from being a relatively unbiased and honest voice in the gaming community to another milquetoast, pussy-footing, hiney-kissing, candy-coated foamer.

    It's easier to get interviews if the subject knows no real, hard questions will be asked, nor will real opinions (if negative) be exposed.

    He's just another 'journalist' with 'issues' right now. I hope he resolves them, seemed like an OK guy.