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Monday, August 8, 2011

TWI does the Tanya Harding with Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

If you don't get the reference (and you might not if you're a younger gamer), Tanya Harding, currently often seen on truTV Presents: World's Dumbest... (funny as hell there, if I may say), is perhaps best known for her promising figure skating career and the later collapse of her personal and professional life.

She'd make a good mascot for TWI: 

Her orchestration (no pun intended) of the shin beating of her primary competitor in the Olympics mirrors TWI and their community's bullying and censorship of critical or questioning posts in ther forums.

Her "Wedding Video" reminds one of the sliminess TWI has resorted to to do marketing CYA (see my prior entries on the game and company to get an idea of how disingenuous TWI has seemed to become).

And of course, her infamous "loose skate lace" fall in the Olympics of '94 landing her flat on her ass resembles the announcement from TWI of a delay of two weeks in the release of the game, hardly more weeks than that away from the hyped official release date. This should be no surprise to anyone with a grain of intellect. Peers scoffed when I predicted this months ago. I should have wagered them.

The reasons are of course the usual suspects of "extra polish", and to "get it right".


It would be nice if they'd just tell the truth, known by the beta testers (closed of course, don't hold your breath for the "open" one if you're one of the unfortunate suckers that coughed up extra dough for the "deluxe" edition with promises of beta access).

The game is a mess. There's good reason you've not seen detailed footage of MP and tanks. And it's not because it's being saved for some magical marketing Kool-Aid bus...

Stay tuned, the leaky beta bangers are getting pissed...

In any case, the smart money among you will hold off on buying the game until it is released and you can get a non-hyperbolic review from a trusted source that matches your sensibilities. That will also give you time to see if the player counts drop as precipitously as the pre-sales position of the game. Particularly since TWI hasn't the balls to release a demo.

No one wants to buy a game that few are playing...



  1. I cancelled. I will wait to see reviews, and reconsider then. Something fishy going on with no footage, and I've heard from a beta member there are things still really broken in the game beta that should have been fixed alpha time.

  2. Shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

  3. Don't understand why every second post is about Red Orchestra 2 or how much you hate TWI. Sure, they're no angels but the way you go on and on about them is plain boring.

  4. @Anonymous 8/11/11: It interests me, and others. If it doesn't you, then perhaps another blog may be more to your liking.