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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bashing and Slashing with Jockyitch

Kind of sounds like a cage match with knife wielding unhygienic foes...

I had the pleasure of spending some time with the founder, CEO, webmaster, and on-the-web-air personality 'Jockyitch' from the popular FPS news and opinion site BASHandSlash.

The host, a real honest-to-goodness rocket scientist, was hands down the most fun I've had doing any kind of broadcast show. 'Jock' asked me to do a show to discuss my guide for gamers with game connectivity issues. I think he made the subject matter and the discussion that ensued funny as heck.

Look for the webcast soon at the site, visit it regardless: there are a myriad of interesting webcasts, and tons of interesting things to be found wandering the forums and other parts of the site. The webcasts are also hosted on iTunes, if you're a fan of the poison apple. (Update: Thar She Blows!: BASH 147: PC Gaming Connectivity)

Of particular recent interest, BASH 146: Client is King has an interesting discussion on the state of PC gaming in relation to consoles, and the growing lack of modding and other tools for recent games. The host invited several expert guest commentators with some serious gaming background to participate, and the conversation is interesting to hear as it unfolds.

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