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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Flipping You the Bird, With a Flipping Bird That's Flipping Out.

Oh man, I want one of these! This bird borders on unbelievable. It not only can mimic dozens of calls from other birds perfectly, but when exposed to man made sounds, it mimics them too. I'd make a pair of little tiny bird headphones, and have it listen to BFBC2, so I could have it mimic the crazy accented Russian/English and weapon sounds in the game.

This video shows a bird from a zoo where construction was in progress. Among other things, it mimics:

1. Hammer
2. Chainsaw
3. Jack hammer
4. Lawn mower hitting sticks
5. Leaf blower starting
6. Power drill
7. Wood saw
8. Human voices
9. Two-way radio
10.Worker whistling

Video here: Lyre Bird in Action

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  1. amazing, right? that is totally cool