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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Orthographer Sayz Mah Spellun iz Getten Bettur!

I spell horribly. I despised English classes - I always wanted to be goofing off with math / physics / chemistry / computer stuff. Add to that growing up between Europe and the U.S., and a German Mom, yeah, things got scrambled. I even once received an 'F' on a paper (later remedied by my explanation), accused of plagiarism. The forensic clues to professor used? I spelled color as 'color' and 'colour' in the paper. To him, I must have copied some passages.

Sadly, this handicap has followed me into adulthood. So I'm always cutting and pasting text into spell checkers to ensure correctness. I don't know what took me so long, but I recently 'discovered' the Google Toolbar.

If you aren't using it, check it out! It has tons of cool features. The ones I find invaluable include a spell-checker that can check spelling on any form, portable bookmarks (all of mine, anywhere, any PC, any browser), search on site, search my google docs, and a unified login for those that use Google ID for login.

Pretty slick, pretty stable and bug free. I like it!

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