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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Six Degrees of Web Separation

Watching information travel through the web is always fascinating. A recent document I published here Troubleshooting Multi-Player PC Game Connectivity Issues has found its way to a forum in Germany, where it apparently is recommended by a DICE dev. Pretty cool!

For the English speaking crowd a commenter directed me to a showing at Bash and Slash, a very cool PC gaming news and opinion site with associated forums and home of "the host of the wildly hilarious and incredibly popular, FPS gaming webcast, BASH." Check them out!

Thanks go out to the poster at the forums at CainsLair, glad you found the information useful!

Another interesting site, Penny Arcade links to the guide. Nearly four million posts in their Games and Technology forum. Wow!

A U.K. site TAG Home of the Tactical Assault Group, show the guide. Nice site, these guys have been around for a few years, with a new focus on BFBC2.

I'll update this entry as I hear of more places linking here, if you care to play the "Where's Waldo" of the web, feel free to comment here.

Regrettably, I've been forced to moderate comments: There are some pretty nasty people out there that apparently didn't like their "You gotta forward your ports!" mantra being shredded with facts.


  1. Great job on the ports info and a great start to a great blog.Maybe we will bump into each other at Bashandslash.
    Also congrats on your daughters fine brain.
    I am also a dad with a brainy girl.
    Life is good !


  2. Hi ibleedv2.0! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for pointing BASH toward me. Got a kick out of hearing you on the bombshell MW2 BASH cast.