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Friday, April 30, 2010

Book 'Em, Danno!

My Daughter likes to talk  about her schoolwork. Often. Pretty cool, but it can be a bit hard to do when remote: Try having someone describe something like a physics problem over the phone. So I asked her to get me copies of her books, a request easier said than done. Eventually, the school administration asked for a personal letter from me justifying the request. I ran across it going through some old e-mails. It got the job done, the books showed up quickly after its receipt.

Dear Ms. L$$$$ H$$$$:

Per your request, communicated through my daughter Juliana Cook, a junior at $$$$$$$$$, I am requesting one copy of each of the textbooks she uses in her classes, to facilitate tutoring and other assistance from me.

Because I am away from the school area more often than not, having a copy of the books locally will allow me to much more easily respond to questions from Juliana, and to be proactively prepared for tutoring her in her advanced studies.

I understand from Juliana that this email from me is needed to facilitate this request. I trust and hope that our wishes can be accommodated. Barring this, I will have no choice but to lock Juliana in the basement, properly converted to a medieval scriptorium of course and supplied with parchment and pen, to have her copy all of the books manually for my use. While such monastic activity will likely aid her in her understanding of ancient history, I'm sure you'll agree that getting the books from you will be far more time effective.

Thank you for your attention in this matter, should you have any questions, do feel free to contact me. If time is critical, feel free to have Juliana deliver the message personally. I have trained her in the traditions of Marathon (we only buy the Wheaties boxes with Pheidippides on them), and she will gladly run to deliver the message before dying from exhaustion.

Otherwise, please email me or phone me at (###) ###-####.

Kind Regards,
Rob Cook

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  1. I never thought of having my kids perform copyright infringement to provide me with copies of their textbooks. This would help greatly at home for the excuse "I forgot it at school." I could reply with "No problem, I have a copy right here, which slate did you say it was?"

    I never thought of asking for copies of the books my kids use. Good idea!